'Culture' is not just the people who share a particular environment. It is also the energy created by the ambitions, doubts, dreams, and fears that are alive within those environments. Being sensitive to cultural energy means knowing when certainty gives way to uncertainty, when people feel insignificant or disconnected, or when people feel engaged and empowered.

Leadership Masters offers three programs to help executive and high-potential students master the practice of sensing and building extraordinary cultures.


 - A Leadership Theater Presentation

He was an arrogant, abrasive and imperfect man who was called upon to lead during the most terrifying period in modern human history. He began by addressing his own fears and shortcomings, then went on to help the rest of the world address theirs. He taught himself systems thinking, created a culture of equal, high status for all, and built hope in the hearts of all stakeholders. The result was that Winston Spencer Churchill became one of the most inspiring and transformational leaders in the history of mankind.


Key Messages: The power of inspiration, the psychology of doing more with less, creating self-motivated teams, understanding the stocks and flows of systems, building emotional muscle during periods of low achievement, collaborating across all boundaries.


Learning Blocks: Raised status for all work groups, cultural sensitivity and respect, building positive energy in stressful environments, communicating values and information simultaneously, connecting specific groups to specific outcomes.


Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.


Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 4, shipping.

* More about this event at churchillchronicles.com

 - A Leadership Theater presentation

This three hour leadership theater presentation looks at cultural transformation from the perspective of Nelson Mandela, whose blueprint for change continues to inspire the world. He began with his “Blueprint of Self”, challenging himself to evolve from a reactive and controlling authority figure to a responsive and inspiring leader. He then challenged himself to build more creative and inspiring environments, to use empowering, transformational language, and to create a blueprint for sustained excellence that would support his country’s efforts for years to come. Now, through this compelling and powerful module from Leadership Masters, executive participants will discover for themselves how Nelson Mandela created extraordinary, sustainable, cultural change.


Key Messages: Leading self, leading others, leading change. Inspiring self, inspiring others, inspiring change.


Learning Blocks: Responsive vs. reactive states, building coalitions through collaboration, expanding spheres of influence, the power of words, the power of mission.


Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.


Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.

* More about this event, and a video preview, at mandelaleadership.com


 - An Interactive Learning Workshop

This three hour interactive learning laboratory is designed to increase sensitivity to workplace energy, and to provide proven tools for building empowering, innovative environments. Specific exercises include "The Status Bridge", "Core Communication", and "The Solution Game", all of which help executive and high-potential students understand how to build creative energy while simultaneously building trust.

Key Messages: Building confidence while building trust. Building certainty while encouraging risk. Building positive, cohesive energy while maintaining individuality.

Learning Blocks: The energy of trust and belief. The building blocks of certainty and risk. The value of creative tension and opposing viewpoints. How to cultivate creativity and innovation in all stakeholders.

Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.

Total cost: $12,000.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.