Great teams, teams that are both efficient and effective, must have a specific blend of creative tension, shared high status, clarity of purpose, and inspiration. Whether those teams are virtual or actual, or a combination of both, these elements must be carefully cultivated by team leaders who have developed an acuity for blending both talent and energies in order to produce extraordinary results.

Leadership Masters offers four unique and inspiring programs to help organizations build unique and inspiring teams.


 - A Leadership Theater presentation

Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park Codebreakers, nine thousand people from every corner of the globe, became one of the highest achieving teams of all time due to specific strategies and techniques introduced by Commander Edward Travis of MI6.  In this engaging and fully interactive leadership theater module, executive and high-potential students will explore the tools and techniques, the behaviors and skill-sets, that enabled the Bletchley Park Codebreakers to become the most efficient and effective team of high-achievers that few people have ever heard of.

The module places executive students squarely in the middle of the biggest crisis of the second world war - breaking the Nazi Naval Code - nicknamed "Shark."  Each student is required to actively participate in both the work environment and in the breaking of the code - two elements that demand extraordinary imagination, innovation, and teamwork. The result is an action plan for environment-building that will take your work teams to extraordinary new levels.

Key Messages: The power of equal high status, balancing creative tension, clarity of mission and objectives, group accountability and leadership, group perception of expectations, group response to time pressure and derailers.

Learning Blocks: Raised status for all team members, cultural sensitivity and respect, building creative energy in high-pressure environments, communicating objectives with clarity and energy, driving creative energy throughout all processes. Celebrating achievement.

Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.

Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.

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 - A Leadership Theater presentation


What happens when two or more powerful executives or work groups find themselves in direct conflict during a critical change initiative? How can such conflict serve the organization? How might it limit or damage it? This compelling and powerful leadership theater module examines the nuances of defensive positioning and resistance, collaboration and consensus, by recreating a 1789 meeting between the U.S. State Department, led by Thomas Jefferson, and the Treasury Department, led by Alexander Hamilton. Executive and high-potential students are forced to take sides and actively participate in a high-level, high-stress debate of both strategy and process. An extraordinary exercise in change management, inclusiveness, adaptability, negotiation, persuasion, trust, and the manipulation of power.

Key Messages: Leading self through massive change, leading others through massive change, defensive behaviors, proactive behaviors, embracing uncertainty.

Learning Blocks: Responsive vs. reactive states, understanding defensive positioning, tranformational leadership, collaboration, win-win scenarios, avoiding the zero-sum game.

Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 2 1/2 hours.

Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.



 - A Leadership Theater presentation


A truly unique, fully interactive learning experience, "Legacy and Leadership" traces the professional journey of Mickey Mantle, arguably one of the greatest players in Major League Baseball history. The presentation is two hours in length, and examines such environmental issues as diversity & inclusion, fear of not being enough, the cultural impact of failure and success, the pursuit of home runs, and the power of inspiration.

Three theatrical scenes are followed, in turn, by three intense and challenging work sessions. The work periods allow executive and high-potential students the opportunity to examine the energies within their particular work environments, and to create an action plan for changing those energies in an empowering way.

Key Messages: Creating inspiring and empowering workplace environments, aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, leveraging diversity, building efficient and effective high-performance teams.

Learning Blocks: Inspiring others, managing individual and team energy, articulating clear and achievable goals, building innovative environments.

Venue Option: Yankee Stadium

Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 2 1/2 hours.

Total cost: $19,500.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.


 - An Interactive Learning Workshop


This three hour interactive learning activity has been described by SVP Roger Krone as "the most effective and comprehensive team exercise I have ever seen at the Boeing Company". Your group is divided into teams of five to eight people, then given the task of creating a five-minute television program based on the future of your organization. Leadership Masters provides the tools and equipment, your high-potential students provide the creativity, leadership, and teamwork. Also available as a musical exercise where teams must produce and perform their own music video, also based on the future of your organization.

Key Messages: Building individual confidence while building team trust, managing uncertainty & risk, leading while under intense time pressure, leading while under intense creative pressure.

Learning Blocks: The energy of trust and belief, building cohesive team energy in short time periods, executing strategies on the fly, adjusting to changing market conditions

Total time needed for presentation and debrief: 3 hours.

Total cost: $12,000.00 plus travel for 5, shipping.